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About La Sella Roma

La Sella is a three generation family business,
for more than 40 years active and highly specialized in offering a wide range of leather goods.

Each product we offer to our world wide clients is handmade by professional handcrafters living and operating in Rome and its neighbourhood, or made by one of the most appreciated Italian brands: The Bridge .

We have two stores; they are next to
Trevi Fountain (via del Lavatore) and
to Piazza Navona (via della Cuccagna),
two of the most interesting sights in the center of Rome.

In our stores you can choose a big range of products, ask us, our mother or our shop-assistants all the details concerning the manufacture as we speak English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Last but not least, in few seconds, we can personalize our items thanks to an exclusive and traditional engraving system that our father and grandfather taught us when we were children.

We hope to see you soon in Rome ... ciao!

Andrea & Simona

Via del Lavatore, 56 - 00187 ROME (ITALY) Tel./Fax: +39 6.6796654 - Via della Cuccagna, 16 00186 ROME (ITALY) Tel.: +39 6.68807121